Swift runs between 2 subway stations with an intermediate stop at Library on the top of the hill, where no other public transport covers the 10 meters altitude difference. The project was approached from 3 sources. Find key interview summaries below.


Disabled Community


In the commuting experience some of the following were of superior importance.

Pain Points


The points above depict what was avoided and what was prioritized when designing for partially-sighted, blind and physically disabled people.

Disability Services


The University of Glasgow (and its Disability Services) are inconveniently situated on top of a hill. Students eligible for help get a taxi service from and to lectures. That is until 5 pm, which means there is no way to approach the library (closing at 2 am) for night time studies. The taxi service is noble, but not ideal: 


Disadvantages of Taxi Service


Student Community

Students reveal their attendance would be higher should they not have to climb a hill in the rain or seek parking for 20-25 minutes every morning. That will pose an added value to the product via blending in the disabled community with other Swift users.