Child Carrier Advisories


As Lalepé is aimed at being a carrier as well as a cot several national and international child carrier were taken into account. Most of the following are based on the British Standard's and European Child Safety Alliance's child use article advisories.

Small Parts Cylinder

Small Parts Cylinder

British Standard


  • No detachable part fits into the cylinder
  • Leg openings are min than 120 mm in diameter
  • Maximum free length of straps is 220 mm
  • Straps are be adjustable (min width 40 mm)


European Child SAfety Advice


  • Head support must extend to the crown of head
  • Head support must prevent head from rolling off
  • The product must be washable with no shrinkage

nct picture.jpg

UK National Child Birth Trust

The carrier and the child should be:

  • T    tight enough
  • I    in view at all times
  • C    close enough to kiss
  • K    keep chin off chest
  • S    support the back